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Safety Tips for your Fireplace

Chimney Safety Tips

1. Always leave about 1" to 2" of ashes in the fireplace.

Reason: It serves as insulation for the fireplace, not giving the firebrick below a chance to absorb any heat This makes the heat reflect off the ashes and heats up the room in less time.

2. Stacking the wood in the proper manner is very important.

Reason: When wood is stacked in a confined area the smoke will follow an open flame. So, it is necessary to stack all the wood in the same direction. Preferably at a 45 degree angle or like a stairway toward the back of the chimney.

3. The grate is a steel rack where you place the wood. The narrow end of the grate should be toward the back wall, the widest part toward the front. It should be placed no further than 2" away from the back wall of the fireplace.


a. Heat will erode the firebrick if the grate is against the back wall.
b. It is necessary for air to circulate around the fire to keep it burning.

4. It is strongly suggested that you not use pine wood.

Reason: Pine crackles, pops and the residue from the sap creates creosote build up in the chimney quicker than hardwoods. So, we highly recommend hardwoods, i.e.: oak, eucalyptus or hickory.Hardwoods burn cleaner, hotter and longer.